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Final Football and Cheerleading

Registration Shorty Howell Park Football Field

Saturday June 14th 10am- 2pm

Cheerleading- $385.00 1st -8th grades. K/ 5 year olds $360.00 

Football - $225.00  Boys 6 years of age thru 8th grade


 *** Please bring your child's original birth certificate if you haven't done so previously. We will gladly make a copy for our records. Did you register online? Please come out to complete your child's paperwork. Football players please ensure you have returned your physical form completed by your physcian***


 *** All football helmets must be Matte Black for the 2014 season. Please contact EVP  of Football Hector Rosario with additional question at rosarioproductions@gmail.com***

Final Football Fitting  & Cheerleading Uniform and Shoe Fitting for the 2014 Season. Saturday June 14th at the Shorty Howell Football Field

 Football players to be fitted for uniforms

10 am - 2 pm 6yo - 8th grade

 Cheerleaders to be fitted for uniforms & shoes

10:00am to 11:15am   Mascots thru 3rd Grade
11:15am to 12:45pm   4th Grade thru 6th Grade
12:45pm to 2:00pm 
   7th Grade thru 8th Grade

*****Please use the grade that your cheerleader will be in next school year*****

 **Every Football player &  Cheerleader must be fitted, there will be no additional fitting dates added. Please ensure your child is fitted for thier complete uniform**