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DYBSA would like to congratulate the following teams on their achievement in the 2016 Spring Season 30 for 30 Fundraiser:


Rookie Blue, Head Coach: Jon Richards

Majors Blue, Head Coach: Rick Owens



Mr. Shorty's Home Run Club

To be eligible to receive a shirt, a player must hit the baseball/softball OVER the fence or into the netting of the field designated for that age group. The hit must be designated a home run by the umpire of the game ~ no "inside the park" home runs will be awarded. Shorty's Home Run Club shirts will be issued for the player's first home run only.


Baseball League

Nate Lee joined 5/2013

Alfonso Nunez joined 5/2013

Juan Guerrero joined 5/2013

Alex Olivares joined 5/1/2014

Hunter Greenwell joined 5/3/2014

Joshua Scott joined 3/21/2015

Kaileb Watts joined 4/26/2016


Softball League

Teresa Stemp

Faith Lawrence joined 5/31/14

Quinn Havala joined 10/11/2014

Code of Conduct~ If you have not signed and returned your Code of Conduct forms for parents and players, please fill them out and return them to your team moms who will pass them along to the commissioner of your league.  Please remember that unsportsmanlike conduct and profanity WILL NOT be permitted on the fields of Shorty Howell Park and may result in suspension of parents, players, and/or managers.  We are a "family friendly" park that strives to promote a positive atmosphere for the members of our league.